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Wood Pellets are available in shipments up to 5000Te per month

The Biomass People

Largest Stock Availability in the UK

Domestic Fuel

  • MDS Energy are registered on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL). This means that any person who purchases wood pellets and wood chips from MDS Energy are eligible to reclaim a portion of their expense through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). This could results in a significant saving over the year as well as the added benefit of fuelling your home more efficiently and economically.


  • MDS Energy provide SBP Compliant & FSC Certified wood pellets at an extremely competitive rate
  • MDS Energy are certified with the Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP)
  • MDS Energy have a high level of client focus

Cat Litter

  • The cat litter is 100% organic
    Can be re-used as fertilizer for your lawn/garden
    Can be flushed down the toilet if required (in small amounts)
    FSC 100% - sustainably sourced
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MDS Energy supply FSC Certified wood pellets and wood chips. The wood pellets are 6mm diameter. Bulk shipments can be made up to 5000Te with potential arrangements possible where required for additional shipments should customers require. MDS Energy will deliver the pellets nationwide by road. We also have a rail link available from our depot in Teesport.

Industrial customers – Shipments made in bulk

Domestic customers – Product available in 15kg bags and 1Te bags

Contact MDS Energy to discuss your requirements, we will provide a bespoke service for each of our customers and ensure they receive the best possible service.

The Biomass People

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